Real Estate in Anantapur

If you are looking to purchase real estate in India, then Anantapur is just about the best places. This is true about both commercial and residential properties. Over the years, investors pointed out that putting money in real-estate is the best sort of investment. Let’s uncover why Anantapur is a good choice as far as real estate property investment can be involved.

In Anantapur, the amount of land registrations has doubled within the last few few years. But the most important question is, why are this city a terrific hub for this kind of investment? In this article, we intend to answer this question.

The Advent of Kia Motors

Kia Motors is usually a South Korean automaker. The production unit of the company was established in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. The unit covers a place of 536 acres in Erramanchi village, and transforms town into a property hub.

Earlier, the spot suffered a great deal of problems, for example drought due to the low rainfall. On the other hand, Kia has allowed the location to get outside once again. Kia would be the 8th largest automaker on this planet, which is all set for making 300,000 vehicles while on an annual basis in the plant.

The company creates a lot more than 3,000 direct and more than 7,000 indirect posts with the needy people of Anantapur. This is just about the main main reasons why this city is becoming an apple of eye of realtors. Also, many plots and gated communities are located in the town.

Strategic Location

Although Bangalore will be the Silicon Valley of Bharat, the drought-like conditions generally in most of town triggered a 5-year ban on construction of apartments. And this worried a lot of real estate investment builders.

Before selecting investment area, investors give a great deal of importance towards the location factor. Although Anantapur wasn’t a very attractive place for investors, its closeness to Bangalore can be a solid answer why more and more investors are thinking about Anantapur being a good alternative.


The benefit from Anantapur is it might be accessed by way of a road or rail everywhere in India. And the great thing is that bus services are also offered for people to reach town. For public convenience, both public and private bus services can be purchased.

Although Anantapur doesn’t enjoy any direct air access, it’s only 190 kilometers from Kempe Gowda International Airport, which may be the closest airport that allows you to achieve Anantapur everywhere you look in India. This is another great good reason that more and more investors are showing curiosity about building real-estate in this city.

As just a few fact, connectivity is amongst the most important factors on the subject of choosing a spot to put your hard-earned profit.

Long story short, these are generally some from the main explanation why Anantapur is a superb city from the property investment perspective. If you are looking for a terrific city in India where you could buy a high-rise apartment or flat, we recommend that you try Anantapur. You won’t regret your decision.